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Serving the following areas: Amsoil of LA County: Avalon, Burbank, Covina, El Segundo, Gardena, Inglewood, Long Beach, Malibu, Pasadena, Redondo Beach, San Pedro, Santa Monica, and Torrance.  Riverside.

Orange County – La Habra – Anaheim: Scott Scoville – 714-404-9189

Torrance stocking dealer – Danny Delp 310-853-2668

Can’t find a AMSOIL Dealer or a store carrying AMSOIL?

Cant find a dealer or AMSOIL Retail Store? Have product shipped and save. Best price call 800-579-0580 or join as a preferred customer online.

Or look at the national AMSOIL Dealer – Retailer look-up maps. Dealers on this page are required to stock product and it’s checked every three months for orders.

We are Southern California’s most resourceful AMSOIL Dealer in the heart of Los Angeles. Look through the main site and request your catalog or just email me for your order. We will soon post any shops where you can buy AMSOIL from but for now I can ship anything to you from our distribution center or you may pick up here in San Pedro.

Call me to order: 800-579-0580

First Call Dan Delp = 310-853-2668


AMSOIL LA Area “SyntheticSmart Services”, based in Los Angeles, CA and proudly serving the USA!Synthetic Smart is a nationwide AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants dealer.

Martin Peterson, a Certified AMSOIL Dealer,is committed to providing first-time and long-standing customers with the finest AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils. We are signing up Preferred Customers all the time,and are enthusiastic about showing new customers the time and money-saving advantages of our products. Amsoil – The top rated Group IV synthetic can be bought directly when using your own preferred customer account. Try it and seethe advantages. Most importantly, due to the legendary extended service intervals of AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils, AMSOIL is environmentally friendly and saves wear on precious engine parts. Please call your Los Angeles dealer for more info.

There is a high demand for all of our synthetic lubricants in Los Angles but especially the Motorcycle, Diesel and two cycle products. We usually have what you need in stock but generally we ship from our distribution center. For your gasoline vehicle try our 100% full PAO Synthetics with our 25,000 mile filters. You save gas andstop wasting money at other quick lube centers.

In 1972, AMSOIL developed the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet American Petroleum Institute service requirements. Currently, the AMSOIL product line includes the finest quality synthetic motor oils designed for extended intervals andsaving consumers money. The result is because of the plant quality control andtheir relationship with the base stock producers demanding improvements as their testing and the market require. AMSOIL stays at the forefront of future emission requirements, thus a product100% compatible with your needs.

We now have Donaldson Nanotechnologyfilters. Please check out the bypass filters for both marine and vehicles. Theseeliminate virtually all engine wear and save you time from ever having to drainyour oil. Simply change your filters at set intervals. Also see the AMSOILAMS-Oiler which lubricates your engines critical parts before startup reducingstartup wear to zero while improving cold weather starts. It’s the most durableunit in the industry.

 For your gasoline vehicle try our 100% full PAO Synthetics with our 12,500 mile filters. Buy 4-filters for every case. Don’t forget the AMSOIL PI Fuel Additive. One bottle treats 160 gallons, increases mileage, restores power you an feel and significantly reduces emissions as it causes ethanol and gasoline to burn more complete. A must if you plan on getting the most from your vehicle. With AMSOIL you save gas andstop wasting money at other quick lube centers. As you look through the site please ask for your free AMSOILcatalog before leaving.

Orange County – La Habra – Anaheim: Scott Scoville – 714-404-9189

Torrance stocking dealer – Danny Delp 310-853-2668

Also contact us for all your 2-cycle, racingmotor oils, synthetic greases and transmission gear and hydraulic fluids. Forwatercraft our Interceptor 2-cycle injector oil is one of the best selling itemsin the industry. Great for Sea Doo. Clean power valve operation for less cost.

As you will see in this website AMSOIL productsthe most energy efficient hydraulic and compressor oils available and a warrantyas strong as steel. If you rely on industrial lubricants, we have what you need.We can assure you that our product offers the lowest cost per use available onthe market. Yes, it cost less to use synthetic lubricants, and in industrial andfleet situations the savings are often in the tens of thousands.

There is a great need for AMSOIL dealers in thisarea. You getexcellent support from myself and AMSOIL. We share leads with you. Any dealers interested willhave a better than average opportunity to pick up on strong leads and grow theirbusinesses. Ask for a copy of the AMSOIL Magazine or my newsletter. Be sure to checkout our Dealer page.

Thank you!

Dealership Opportunities

AMSOIL Dealer Opportunities in 2020 provide you with the ultimate home business opportunity with 41 years of continuous growth and market leadership, without the need for significant investment of money. AMSOIL manufacturers Synthetic Motor Oils. They are exclusively distributed by Independent Dealers – People like you and me. Synthetic Oils are not created equal and AMSOIL is in high demand because of the unique qualities engineered into the base oils. Why is AMSOIL better? Because AMSOIL stays at the front of the lubricant trending industry introducing new technologies to the public where other well known brands avoid improvements due to costs and profits. If it’s leading edge you will find it here!

The motor industry is pointing consumers our way from every direction:

  • Vehicle manufacturers are installing synthetic oil into new vehicles on the production line,
  • New emission systems demand oils, which can take more heat and leave fewer deposits. Currently diesel engine technology has created problems which we have the best solution.
  • As the economy is weakened, people want to secure their vehicles for life. Lubrication is the #1 factor to reducing heat and friction.
  • The AMSOIL Bypass-Filter kits are now a top selling item – people want to preserve their equipment and save valuable time.
  • They are demanding better lubrication qualities from the oil to improve fuel economy and engine cooling.
  • Commercial vehicles Require synthetics in transmission and drivetrain parts to retain extended warranties.
  • Environmentally we can not go on disposing of the millions of gallons of oil each year that is the bi-product of 3,000 mile oil change intervals – Imagine if everyone changed their oil at say 7,500 miles instead. The used oil disposal problem would be cut by 50%. Yes 50%, not just 1 or 2% – Now consider the impact of a 25,000 or 35,000 mile oil change interval and a Automatic Transmission fluid which reduces temperatures 50 degrees and lasts three times longer.

AMSOIL has been manufacturing and developing synthetic motor oils like these for 41 years now!! AMSOIL makes sense from a financial, practical, technical, environmental and ethical sense. Consider being a dealer at the basic level today. Use this link dealer or preferred customer form to get started.

Part time or full time, opportunities for dealers are everywhere. We share leads with our dealers in addition to the unbelievable support from AMSOIL. See our sample newsletters.

Support: Customers join my group (Ches Cain) after calling around realizing I offer service! I even host our own training at my AMSOIL store. AMSOIL’s many training materials will have you full of knowledge in no time. Be sure to request my starting inventory spreadsheet after joining with us. Although most of my sales today are still based on my customers testimonials. With AMSOIL you have access to monthly service bulletins, the AMSOIL U (School in May and online 24/7), Field Sales Tools, professional ads, new DVD’s, power points, the Dealer Zone online, product whitepapers and more. I also provide you with my own monthly newsletter to convey our own experiences and recommendations. We’ll pass you the tools needed to be listed on the internet so customers will find you.

The demand continues to increase. The industry is moving people towards us. Why not become the source of value based synthetic lubricants? We’ll give you the tools to enhance the AMSOIL opportunity.

AMSOIL Dealers of Los Angeles

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